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Non UK wealth

Whether you live overseas or are a non-domiciled client currently resident in the UK, our investment management and wealth planning teams will collaborate closely to ensure that your investments are managed tax-efficiently, generating income and growing in value.

We understand that every client has different needs. Our offshore specialists take the time to understand your objectives, timescale and future plans.

We are able to introduce you to a global network of expert intermediaries, and can also work with your existing advisers to ensure the best outcomes.

We always consider factors such as your domicile, residence, income and tax status when dealing with clients, though we are not tax advisers.  For clients with international lives and affairs in multiple jurisdictions, we offer the option to book assets in the UK, overseas, or both.

Working with your tax and legal advisors, we determine the most efficient set-up of your offshore investments, helping you to meet your financial goals while remaining compliant with all relevant legislation.