Asset Management

Special Products

HFMC provides access to both discretionary fund management and investment advisory solutions.  Our private client advisers will help you select the most appropriate investment approach for your needs, knowledge and experience.

We provide access to both external and in house discretionary fund managers where required. The HFMC Asset Management team provides our discretionary management service.

In our view the most important determinant of investment returns is asset allocation as this typically has the biggest impact on long-term portfolio investment performance.  We recognize that no single investment house has a monopoly of investment expertise, and as such do not employ in-house managers, instead we carefully select external fund managers, based on our in-house due diligence, to manage differing asset allocations within our portfolios. Due diligence is critical in determining who to use as it may well be that a management style that has historically worked well may not be right for current or future economic and market conditions.

As an independent wealth manager we are therefore able to:

  • Select from the best fund managers from across the global investment market to manage each different asset allocation

  • Diversify your investments by spreading your money across funds managed by different managers, with different styles

  • Change fund managers at short notice if markets no longer favour their investment style, or should an alternative fund manager offer enhanced diversification or risk-adjusted returns

The HFMC Asset Management team effectively selects and manages the fund managers on your behalf, monitoring their performance and investment styles to ensure that they continue to deliver in line with our expectations.

We know that you are busy.  The use of a discretionary fund manager provides you with the peace of mind knowing that asset allocation and investment manager changes are being implemented promptly and seamlessly, no matter what you are doing, or where you are in the world.


Wealth manager launches positive impact options

HFMC Wealth is offering clients the option to invest in companies which have a positive impact on issues such as climate change and human rights, through a new range of positive impact portfolios.