• Preserving your Estate

    A wealthy elderly client was in need of additional income in retirement to fund living costs and pay for hospital fees. The majority of his wealth was tied up in his main residence but he was keen to remain in his home rather than downsizing to release capital which could be used to provide the […] read more

  • Non UK Residency

    A banking client who travelled extensively, both for work and pleasure, spent very little time in the UK. However, despite being non UK domiciled he was deemed UK resident and was liable to UK income tax. He was happy to live outside the UK, as he spent the majority of his spare time in other […] read more

  • Critical Illness Cover

    A client in his late forties was running a successful business when he was diagnosed with cancer. He relied on his business to provide an income and pay his mortgage but treatment meant he could not work and his income ceased. Several years earlier we had advised him to apply for critical illness cover. We […] read more

  • Building a Retirement Portfolio

    We have worked with these clients over the years, looking at the age that they wish to retire, the income that they wish to have at retirement and other financial objectives. Through detailed lifetime cashflow modeling, we have looked at the amount that they wish to save each year and the level of portfolio that […] read more

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